Dragon Braggin'!


The LawnDragon pictures in the Gallery are REAL. That IS a load of topsoil being towed by the tractor! This is not a recommended use of the Dragon, but it shows how durable the construction is. This is no ordinary tarp, but a patented design manufactured in Kentucky, USA. Here's a few details on how it got so strong:

Around the edge is 2 inch seat belt type webbing and stainless steel grommets. The webbing runs all around the outside of the Dragon, and provides a solid edge reinforcement. Commercial grade tarp material, from the largest tarp manufacturer in the USA, is used. This is far superior to the grade supplied by overseas firms. The rope is solid braid, 3/8 inch polyester and smooth on the hands!

2 sizes of the Dragon hauler are currently available. Either one will take all the use that you can give it, and move your load in record time!