The LawnDragon gathers, hauls, and bags all types of light, bulky items. Here you will find a promotional video regarding the use of the LawnDragon, instructions for assembly and use, pictures of the 'hungry' dragon, as well as pictures of the dragon after being well fed.

See The LawnDragon in Action!



This material handler moves loads without lifting them into a wagon or cart.  It gives one the power to do the work of two or more.  Created from strong, weatherproof materials, the LawnDragon opens up to take on whatever needs to be moved. Lighter (about 3 pounds) and easier to use than any cart or wagon, its large area moves more material in fewer trips.  Imagine - a container the size of a pickup bed, that follows you around!


Dragon at the readyThe lift gate and reinforced sides lie flat on any surface and provide a solid edge to rake over - like a giant dustpan. When the LawnDragon is full, pulling the rope at the front brings the lift gate and sides up. The load can then be moved to another area. Lift the end and the load slides off!

Snap hooks on the sides of the LawnDragon will clip to the opposite side, ready to fill a bag or other container.



After the job is done, the LawnDragon rolls into a compact package for storage.